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Why buy a Trial Lesson with Phoenix Helicopters?

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

A Trial Lesson is a fantastic way to introduce somebody to the pleasure of flying a Helicopter.

Here at Phoenix Helicopters, we offer a range of helicopter lessons to suit everyone, from a Taster shared experience or a 1:1 lesson of 30 or 60 minutes in a choice of aircraft. Each lesson will give you as much hands on experience as possible, and being based at both Blackbushe Airport (Surrey) and Solent Airport (Hampshire) we are perfectly located for stunning countryside and coastal views.

Generally we would recommend the 60 minute lesson if you are interested in gaining your licence, as you can really get a great feel for how a lesson with us will be conducted. However, the 30 minute lesson is our most popular choice as it gives a good amount of time in the aircraft to experience the thrill of flying for those wanting to have the ultimate experience.

On arrival you’ll be greeted by a friendly member of the Phoenix team, before being taken into one of the classrooms where you’ll receive a brief on the basic controls of the helicopter, namely the Cyclic (or stick), collective (or lever) as well as the pedals that control the tail rotor.

You’ll be explained in basic details, what each of them do and you’ll also be given a few tips on how best to control the helicopter in the hover.

Following the brief, you’ll be taken to the helicopter where you’ll be given a safety brief before getting on board and beginning your lesson.

Once the helicopter is up and running you will depart from the airport to start your lesson with some upper air exercises; if you haven’t flown before you’ll be starry eyed as you experience the fantastic views ahead of you.

Soon afterwards, the Pilot will slowly commence handing over the controls to you one at a time. When you’re comfortable with one, your instructor will move onto the next one until finally you are flying the helicopter by yourself on all 3 controls.

You’ll not be able to wipe the grin off your face!

As all our helicopters are fully dual controlled, you can feel comfortable and safe knowing that your instructor will be there to take control at any time if necessary.

With stunning scenery from both our branches you will be sure to enjoy the views just as much as the experience, and there will be plenty of opportunities to take photos during your lesson whilst your instructor takes back control.

After you have enjoyed your time flying the helicopter high up in the skies, it’s time to return to the airfield where you will have a chance to have a go at hovering the helicopter.

This is by far the most challenging aspect of controlling a helicopter and people are always amazed how sensitive the controls really are. For many people, this is the part of the Trial lesson that they enjoy most.

Having taken to the skies and enjoying the challenge of trying to hover, your Instructor will then return you back to base where after a debrief will present you with a certificate, congratulating you for taking control of a helicopter.

Views from the cockpit on approach to Solent Airport.

If you have never taken to the skies in a helicopter and have it on your bucket list, why not contact Phoenix Helicopters today and have a chat with any of our staff or one of our Pilots, who’ll be delighted to explain more about the magic feeling of flying a helicopter.

All our helicopter trial lessons are detailed on our online shop here or visit our blog about which aircraft to chose for your trial lesson here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.




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