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Partner Interview with Experience Days

At Phoenix Helicopters we work with a few Gift Voucher companies to help promote our amazing experiences.

Recently 'Experience Days' got in touch with us as they chose Phoenix to interview about helicopter flights.

Read our interview below....



Does the idea of having a flying lesson or helicopter tour excite you, or make you slightly nervous? If so, do not worry! Phoenix Helicopters pride themselves on fantastic customer service to their guests and they're especially good at offering advice to first-time flyers!

In this Phoenix Helicopter Partner Interview, they will answer those all-important questions regarding your potential flying experience… read on to find out more.

Firstly, tell us how Phoenix helicopters began?

Phoenix started as a small training school at Goodwood Aerodrome with one aircraft and one instructor and has now built up to having two branches with multiple aircraft and instructors for purposes of Training, Pleasure flights and Charter flights.

What makes Phoenix helicopters unique to other helicopter companies?

Phoenix Helicopters’ pride themselves on their great customer service. We have more of a friendly family feel which always makes customers feel welcome and comfortable. We want everyone of our customers to come and have the best experience possible, so a friendly face will always be there to greet you.

What’s the most unusual request you’ve had from a customer for their helicopter flight?

The most unusual request we have ever had from a customer was from a lady working for a Charity that had an event running locally to one of our branches. At this event one of the highlights was of an appearance from some well-known children’s TV characters. The lady requested for us to fly them into the event to make a grand entrance. Unfortunately, we were unable to accommodate the request however flying four Teletubbies into a Charity event would definitely have been a story to tell the Grandkids!  

Tours from Solent Airport

What would you say to apprehensive first-time flyers?

At Phoenix we come across a lot of apprehensive first-time flyers, whether that be those that have a fear of flying which they wish to overcome, those that have never been specifically in a helicopter before or young children that have never flown at all before.

If you are an apprehensive first-time flyer I would always suggest for you to tell a member of our staff. Our crew are fantastic and will always make the utmost effort to make you feel at ease, there is no shame in feeling nervous! Ask as many questions to the crew as possible as a bit of knowledge may help you to feel more relaxed as to how things work. If we know you are anxious we will also be able to make your pilot aware, who will make extra effort into making your flight as enjoyable and relaxed as possible. Our staff members are here to help you, so if you are feeling nervous please make sure you say something.

How would you describe Phoenix helicopters in three words?

Fantastic Customer Service

Do you have any exciting plans for the future?

Phoenix Helicopters are always wanting to expand the business with new aircraft and new bases. Our most recent plan is to move into our very own brand-new hangar at Lee-on-the-Solent (Daedalus Airfield). This will give us a better dedicated area for all our training and tours and will give us the option to expand even further.

Now, we hope this Partner Interview with Phoenix Helicopters has helped towards your potential flying gift experience purchase. Thank you to Charlie for answering our questions - we're very excited to see what the future holds for you with your plans to expand the business. 

Our brand new hangar and offices at Solent Airport

Read the interview on 'Experience Days' website by clicking this link here.




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